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Secret Superstar Parties & New EP Release With Rapper Marc Andre


his single, “Sofa” has us jumping off the walls and ready to flex. It is inspiring to hear how music influences people all over the world as Marc Andre was inspired by American rappers such as Jay-Z, gucci Mane and Kanye. Marc’s passion for Hip-Hop and Rap led him on a plane from Paris to New York with no intentions of turning back without a name.

to listen now click here

Check out his newly released EP: Allure 2

 nstagram: @MarcusHizzle

The rapper made headlines at the Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 and has made himself some very cool friends. How cool is Marc Andre? Marc has been seen partying around the likes of Rae Sremmurd, Pharrell, Lil Uzi Vert, just to name a few. If he isn’t party hopping between events at The Fader and Givenchy, he’s out killing his performances. Marc Andre has an incredible edge and hype when he’s performing, instantly influencing the room to mosh pit and go nuts over his hard beats. Marc Andre is calm, cool and collective and his french accent gives his voice that zest that New Yorkers are so curious about.

Parisian turned New Yorker, Marc Andre is not your average rapper. In his spare time, he’s out soaking in the spotlight with Hollywood’s hottest entertainers.


Trapped In Sound With Rouge

Rouge is a New York-based Indie Artist. Her work can be described as original, rare, refreshing, and exciting and falling under a genre that she likes to call "Raw Hip Pop". Combining raw rap style with commercial pop/dance. Rouge has worked with and under the direction of Kool Keith from Ultramagnetic Mc’s and is featured on several mixtapes such as, Total Orgasms 3, Musik 4 The Streets March Madness Edition ’16, and KidMiddi Non-Celibate Commercial, to name a few. Rouge also performed in summer of '16 at the Indie All Starz Tour coordinated by Wealth Nation.

Jersey/ Baltimore dance sound with New York vogue bounce infused with southern Trap. The music video was a maze of it's own, Rouge and her avant-garde dancers leading us into a trapped room to be seduced by their hard-edge movements. The dark storyline added the grimey element and feel of late-night New York city, just like her name.

Rouge has been featured in the 14th issue of Dyme Squad magazine and is currently being featured on RBL Magazine. Rouge has recently released her Debut EP, RR.B.A.S (Rouge yRouge BadA$$ Song) which is available on platforms such as SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Her single, Trap Door(Ase Manual & Byrell the Great Remix) is nothing short of amazing. It has the

Trap Door

Instagram: @wewantrouge  | Twitter: @wewantrouge   | Facebook: Rougey Rouge

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Washington Heights, New York

Pablo Rack$ was raised in Harlem with all women, he found his passion for writing through poetry. “With a single mother and two older sisters, they influenced my thoughts and outlook on the world heavily. In 8th grade I found out who Big-L was and my life changed after that. When I was 14, I won a lyric contest in 9th grade hosted by Hot97 and that was the first time I ever been in a studio… let alone hearing myself recorded.”  About a year later I was signed to an independent label where I released a project that took forever to release an dropped a year after it was due so I left that label after graduating high school. I would do open mics, shows, and cyphers (Legendary Cyphers at Union Square) with my camera guy EOJ films to build up my name and skills. "

Pablo Rack$ was literally my last real attempt at my music career because I contemplated quitting because the music game isn't anything like it was when it started out and the artistry is losing it’s true value.” 

unnamed (2).jpg

"Pablo Rack$ was literally my last real attempt at my music career because I contemplated quitting...."

 The name Pablo Rack$ came from his sister. “I also knew I wanted to make all kinds of music but still relay messages, whether it be turn up for the moment or be aware of police brutality in the streets.” Just last year I became the newest recruit to Mindset, which is an NY collective of artists started a few years ago by my friend Vasco. I dropped a project called "I just caught a liq [beta] 6 months ago, which is literally my take on today's trap music, and my come up (catching a liq) on the music industry. Pablo Rack$ dropped a single off of his upcoming project "Stealth Assassin”, and the track is an ode to B.I.G. as well as a social commentary on police brutality.

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Mosi Archey

Music vibes from Fort Worth, Texas. Mosey Moseye makes dope Hip-Hop for dope people. The Texan rapper is giving us sounds from the south with his new single, “Child Celebrity”. Fast-paced lyricism paired with dirty trap beats gives the confident rapper a cool edge. Mosey is clearly a fashion dude, who loves to be seen on the scene but don’t get it twisted, don’t try it with the slick-talking musician.

The best part? When the beat drops and Moseye comes in swiftly with hard vocals and a memorable flow. The savage young rapper talks about recreational use of the greenery and definitely makes the-past midnight kind of club banger. His confident and raw demeanor gives Mosey Moseye major respect points for staying true to himself. 

Mosi Archey

Fort Worth, Texas

“Child Celebrity” is certified  dope ! , we listen to the rest of his music and we were bumping’. Moseye is clever, witty and vicious. Keep an eye out for this artist.


Agadir, Morocco

Born in the center of a slum named Agadir in Morocco and migrating with his mother and father to New Jersey at the tender age of 4. Poe Hussle soaked in his surroundings becoming attracted to the street life and fast money. Thus leading to trouble with the law as a teen and ultimately landing a prison bid. Not having much else Poe Hussle turned to music and taught himself how to write it. Poe Hussle speaks about his pains & struggles with a hustler perspective , in a grunge and trap sound with catchy choruses and relatable content.

instagram : @poehussle
twitter : @poehussle
snapchat : poehussle 

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shaney poo

Born in Boston & raised around the world. Shaney Poo is an artist, songwriter & overall creative. He creates music that not only reflects life experience but also his imagination. He calls his style of music B.L.A.C POP which is an acronym for "Becuz Love Always Conquers". It's a mixture of all the different types of music that inspire him

In 2015 he released "Touch By An Angel" his debut project.

And on his born day in 2016 he released "SkumBag King" which is a continuation of his first project. 

Both available now.



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Take a trip with music artist known as Scion.Rae. You can take a peek into every aspect of his mind through his music. Though he has a calm demeanor, what his music lacks in grit, it picks up in soul. Through bold statements and a fearless attitude, he spins tall tales about anything which crosses his mind. Always something new, always something fresh. The young man may be new to the game, but don’t sleep on the kid. His deep voice channeling old school vibes, mixed with new school punchlines and wit. Even his name, Scion Rae, implies that he’s a smooth lyricist with a touch of edge. It’s nice to hear Hip-Hop like this again.




lets talk art:


 Jesse believes that his works have healing powers, miracles and blessings to the human mind. Jesse born on the 6th of march, 1989 hails from the Jaba tribe in Southern Kaduna, Kaduna state, Nigeria. He graduated from Kaduna state university in 2011 and holds a B.S in Mass Communications. Jesse sees art and music as a natural gift which he never had to go to school to learn, however, has intentions of doing that someday. With these gifts he finds happiness and joy when creating. He has produced series of art works for different clients in the Nigerian entertainment industry and has also been supplying wall arts as well as hosting a Youtube Channel called "Art On Everything" to his Nigerian subscribers since 2014 after his National Youth service corps training.  

art vibes by way of nigeria! Jesse Goje is an artist, a musician and a mentor.  He goes by various names depending on his creations; Jesse Josh, Shaygo Graffiti, and Shadez. He is a creative artist and art director who is known for his Art on Everything by Jesse Josh on his personal YouTube channel.His art varies from Graffiti, wall arts, paintings on canvas, and general commissioned arts. he uses everything as his canvas to express his mind. 



Jesse admires the work of great artists like Pablo Picasso, Mike Dargas, Banksy, Laolu Nyc and other great artists. He is a great fan of the popular Nok Terracotta arts from Southern Kaduna and has created a series inspired by it called 'ham lords' which is still in motion to gaining more expression and awareness all over the world. He has always expressed his love for the people of Southern Kaduna through his art and music.

Follow him @shaygograffiti  / www.jessejosh.blogspot.com

Let's Talk Art: cHICAGO artist

Phil D and The Characters In His Mind

Originally working in the fashion industry Phil's designs skills where birthed developing designs for his own clothing line. The work consists of graphic design imagery that tells an unique story of an artist's journey.  Drawing the viewer into a world filled with pop culture and bold colors that come together beautifully. This approach in developing a piece which is very sensory and visual was universally accepted by viewers, design enthusiasts and art lovers.The inspiration of his work comes from famous pop artist like Lichtenstein and Warhol.

Phil D. Johnson uses his abstract and imaginative mind to create specific characters that appeals to all ages. He also uses photography, video, and any medium that will spark a new outlook to art fans and collectors. He is currently working on the “Faces” collection which is a collection of facial expressions done in carefully curated shapes and color schemes. His mission overall is to help enhance the art industry as a whole, to increase jobs, increase art education programs, and make great work.

follow his works via @phildart55